Workshop lead

I am a knowledge worker

I have been at the nexus of business, technology, and education since the early 1990s. I began in desktop publishing, moved into multimedia with interactive CD-ROM production, then into website development. I worked for an early online self-publishing company before the term social media existed. I speak at conferences and workshops on various aspects of technology in marketing and promotion.

I have advised and collaborated with many small and mid-sized organizations and non-profits, universities, and work with faculty, staff, and healthcare professionals in my current role as Instructional Technologist at Northwest Area Health Education Center (AHEC) at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and part of the North Carolina AHEC statewide network.

I am also the producer and host of the Northwest AHEC Healthcare Insights in Northwest North Carolina podcast at where I have conversations with all sorts of people around the wide ranging topics of health and healthcare.

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Andrew Brewer

Live courageously, love fearlessly. Amor fati, memento mori.