I am a health and wellness coach

In 2022 I successfully completed the Health and Wellness Coaching Certification program at Randolph Community College. I plan to sit for the National Health and Wellness Coaches Board Certification exam later this year. I love to help guide and follow you as you become your best self! Download my Wellness Wheel and Inventory Assessment tool.

I am a fitness instructor

I took group exercise classes for years. BODYPUMP in particular became a vital part of my fitness regimen. The hour long resistance training made me strong and lean, and helped dialed in my metabolism. I became a certified Les Mills BODYPUMP trainer in 2021 and currently teach at Wake Forest University.

I am an athlete and coach

I’ve played pick up and organized sports all my life. I still play competitive ultimate frisbee and basketball. I have lead youth clinics, coached youth and college sports teams (ultimate, basketball, soccer, baseball), and I helped start leagues and a legacy tournament. I currently play for HURT, a great grand masters division team based in… Continue reading I am an athlete and coach